Why Buy Official

Buying official products means heading to Authorised Resellers for legitime products and accessories in addition to getting the after-sales services that consumers look for.

Here are 4 main reasons why you should always look for the nearest Authorised Resellers

Avoid buying defective products

Authorised Resellers are requested to buy authentic items from the Authorised Distributors who, in turn, get their supplies from the vendors.

This is the ultimate way for the whole selling channel to limit the defective and fake products

Get the warranty that is associated with the product and a better after-sales service

When buying a new product, the last thing a consumer thinks of is the warranty or the after-sales service. But sometimes, it happens that a consumer gets a manufacturing defective unit where only Authorised Resellers are able to offer a full warranty with a return merchandise authorization (RMA).

Buy localized products

Authorised Resellers in every country comply to the NTC regulations. Therefore, this limits the consumer from buying products that have different and unfamiliar languages or have a different plug than the official one used by the country.

Authorised Resellers are also keen to build and maintain a long-lasting relationship with their consumers.

They tend to focus heavily on Consumer Relationship Management (CRM) by offering services such as the following:

Whereby customers have the chance to trade-in their old device for a new one and pay the difference.

Easy Payment Plan and Installments:
Whereby customers can pay over a specified period of time with 0% or a very low interest rate.

Customers can also attend a range of workshops that Authorised Resellers organize to get to know more about the devices and the ecosystem of how software work together.

One-to-one training:
Customers can also request a one-to-one coaching on their new or exciting devices from one of the resellers’ experts.